The Foyle Parents and Friends - Tuned In Project supports people with learning disabilities through the digital and creative arts to promote independence, empowerment, self-esteem and confidence.

Who are We?


Providing innovative & engaging tutoring that inspires & challenges

Building a positive & inclusive social scene through live events & weekly meet-ups



Treating every student with respect & empathy, while holding each to the highest standards



Creating a nurturing & professional environment to learn & work 

Placing a high value on creative trial & ideas-sharing 



Committed to professional development & reflection, so that Tuned In continues to grow!


"Thank you tuned in so much I've learned alot from the past two years from you guys, I have built my confidence at singing, dancing, music making, djing and video production. Tuned in is the place to be and be free and you don't have to hide your true self thank you again tuned in crew soo much" Past Pupil Comment